Roses are Red... Violets are Blue... Lapin Rouillé has a Rosé for YOU!

Rusty Rabbit Drinks introduced their first champagne offering to the UK and US market just over a year ago. Being picked up by such retailers as Harvey Nichols, Reserve Bar, and Master of Malt gave this unknown brand a fighting chance in a world denominated by men and the almighty advertising dollar. 
Nichole Johnson, the owner behind the brand, was applauded for having the courage to step out into a market where there weren't many people who looked like her. Little did she or her team know what was looming around the corner. Unfortunately in March of 2021, after the world was already battling a pandemic, she was diagnosed with cancer. Never one to be deterred by life's curve balls, she continued on her journey to produce a quality and eye catching product. 
While on bed rest, undergoing radiation, and losing the ability to indulged in her favorite beverage she has continued to forge on to deliver the second offering from RRD to the world. We are proud to introduce you to Lapin Rouillé Rosé. Crafted in love and determination we look forward to sharing this intricate delicacy with you. 


Lapin Rouillé Rosé Champagne is the exemplary second release from the Rusty Rabbit Drinks warren. A traditional style champagne, crafted from hand-harvested Pinot Meunier grapes from Massif de Saint-Thierry, Reims. The Brut Rosé NV is 100% Pinot Meunier,  hand harvested from six different parcels. It is  made by combining 21% red wine with 79% white wine from Pinot Meunier (blanc de noir).

Our Rosé Brut Champagne boasts a sustained  raspberry pink color, with salmon reflections nuanced with orange pink. It is fresh and lively with a persistent stream of fine bubbles. 

The nose of this cuvée immediately offers the scent of strawberries, embellished with finer notes of rhubarb, pink grapefruit, paprika and blood oranges. It evolves into  almond, lime blossom, praline, and fig.

In the spirit of love, health, recovery, and resilience instead of roses we give the world Rosé on today. We invite the world to secure their bottles and participate with us in a virtual global toast to the successful recovery and fighting cancer on April 21, 2022. 

Whatever your favorite champagne, this one will tickle you pink. 

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  • We are super excited for the Lapin Rouillé Rosé Champagne! We will definitely be apart of the Lapin Global Toast in support of our successful recovery and fighting cancer on April 22nd.

    Vin Collective on

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