Lapin Rouillé Champagne celebrates its US launch.

The newest premium black-owned Champagne brands in the world arrives today in the US market.

 Only launched in the UK in December 2020, Lapin Rouillé Champagne is set to woo American champagne drinkers from this week, when it becomes available. The US launch will be limited to only 1000 bottles but will be followed later this year by its sister, a Rosé Cuvée.

Lapin Rouillé is presented in a distinctive, red-wrapped bottle, showing off its inimitable gold rabbit logo. In a line-up of the world’s premium champagnes, it’s hard to miss.

The brand has been brought into the world by Nichole Johnson, known as The International Bootlegger and CEO of business consultancy Rusty Rabbit International, Its French name translates as, you guessed it, Rusty Rabbit.

Significantly, Lapin Rouillé is heralded as the first (and only) female black-owned champagne in the UK and one of only two brands with this claim in Europe. And with only one female black-owned champagne brand in the USA, this elevates Johnson into a unique crowd.

As mentioned, the champagne comes from the warren of Rusty Rabbit International, where Johnson, as CEO, is already the only female black-owned liquor importer, exporter and distributor in the world, with certification in 142 countries, and its business base is growing steadily.

Johnson is profoundly proud of her achievement (the champagne’s launch date of April 21st is also her birthday), saying “I am so happy to bring Lapin Rouillé to the US. April 21st is my birthday, so this is my gift to you all!”

“My aim with Rusty Rabbit is to curate premium drinks brands from around the world and to promote them to the world. Lapin Rouillé is a perfect manifestation of that. The world of wine and liquor is filled with people passionate about what they produce. I am lucky to work with some awesome producers, from whom integrity and provenance are the foundation to their work.”

“With Lapin Rouillé, I am super proud to join those owners and offer a world-class drinks product, with real product integrity.”

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