Keeper of the Warren... Nichole Johnson

Nichole Johnson is the Founder of the Rusty Rabbit conglomerate of brands: Rusty Rabbit International, Rusty Rabbit Spirits, Rusty Rabbit Makes, and Rusty Rabbit Drinks, headquartered in Soho, London and Dallas, Texas. Rusty Rabbit International is a global brand management and business development agency that leaps products from design to distribution, prototype to promotion, and concept to completion.

Nichole founded Rusty Rabbit Makes as a procurement business, designing and sourcing promotional products for an extensive client portfolio. Working with high-end distilling clients led Nichole to discover a gap in the market for 360 support of her existing clientele, expanding her business into what it is now; a successful global spirits distributor. 

Today, Nichole is the youngest and only African-American Woman-owned liquor manufacturer, importer, exporter, and distributor in the world. She is also now, the first black woman owned champagne brand in the United Kingdom. @lapinrouille Champagne is the first offering from Rusty Rabbit Drinks. She collaborated with her other company Rusty Rabbit Makes to create and manufacture the packaging, bottle, and overall final deliverable.

Nichole is in persistent pursuit of education and improvement. She matriculated from Florida A&M University @famu_1887, she also holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from University of Phoenix. She regularly participates in discussion panels, sharing her wealth of knowledge and hard-earned experience with her peers.

Nichole is an avid traveler, the foundations for the international business she has built, and the excitingly diverse portfolio of global brand clients she has curated. She had the pleasure to sit down for the first time since taking ill with @iamaudarshia and @liquidladylynn. We salute Nichole for her tenacity and courage to fight her way back to the top and deliver this incredible champagne to the masses! Check out her interview here. Cheers!




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